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Dr Henk G. Dennert

General manager with a broad experience as a CEO in several companies and as a non executive member of several educational organisations. Active as a consultant for institutional reorganisations in higher education. Specific areas of expertise are governance, strategy and policies and procedures. International experience in projects in South Africa, Mozambique, Mali, Madagascar, Pakistan and Indonesia). Track record as turn around manager in the areas of education, industry and financial services.

Ir Jan P. Karel Felderhof

Jan Karel Felderhof is the power behind the Next Generation Management and Governance Method (see It is his aim to make the organisation autonomous. Vision and strategy of the organisation will be experienced, supported, executed and organised by the staff members of the organisation itself.

Drs Gerben van der Molen

Gerben van der Molen is an independent consultant (GMConsult) in the area of HRM and institutional development in projects in developing countries and countries in transition. His focus is the educational sector in a broad sense. Since 1972 he has worked for Unesco, Nuffic, DHV Consultants and BMB Mott MacDonald.

Ir Gerrit Versluis  

IT consultant with a broad experience in the development of business information systems as well as the support of management with regard to IT-management. As a management consultant specialized in the organisation, management and implementation of computerized information systems. He has a vast experience in projects in higher education in developing countries and he has given many courses in state-of-the-art methods and techniques of software development and management of information systems.