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Boardroom/management consultancy


Fermera Accountancy en Advies B.V. may be of help in several areas of management of an organisation.


Starting point of our work is the creation of enough mutual trust between the members of the management of the organisation and the consultant. Otherwise the assignment can not be successful.

Financial and organisational expert for developing countries


Henk den Boer has worked in projects in developing countries since 1999 in the areas of Finance, Organisation and Governance.


Goals to be achieved are decided with the organisation in the developing country. With the organisation itself, and alone, or with partners, the goals are tried to be accomplished. The results are reported and evaluated afterwards.


Boardroom / Management Consultant-eng

Expert Witness in court cases

Henk den Boer is registered as an expert witness in court cases.

The court may ask for the expertise of an expert witness because of proven expertism. Henk den Boer is registered as a financial expert. The court may ask for his financial expertism, but this can also be asked by one of the parties involved in a court case.